Press Release ($MCO) Launches Crypto Invest to Democratize Quant Trading ($MCO) Launches Crypto Invest to Democratize Quant Trading

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11 October 2018 : Hong Kong - ($MCO) is pleased to announce that Crypto Invest is now live for eligible customers. The easy-to-use cryptocurrency portfolio & trading tool is designed to create a customised portfolio within minutes and then, trade automatically based on market signals.

Crypto Invest is not simply a basket of cryptocurrencies, but rather a set of trading strategies designed to perform in any market — the first product of its kind globally. It’s ideal for first time entrants, as users can start building their portfolio from as little as $20 USD.

“We’ve worked on Crypto Invest for over a year, including three months in a closed beta. During that time, a plethora of crypto investment products launched in the marketplace, all of them designed as currency baskets or crypto indexes. These efforts are destined to fail in a bear market". Kris Marszalek, Co-Founder and CEO of

What is Crypto Invest?

It’s not a secret that all crypto assets are highly correlated to the price of Bitcoin and simple diversification strategies have proven ineffective as a tool to minimize risk in current market conditions.

Crypto Invest is fundamentally different and disruptive in many ways: First, users can now get access to advanced quant trading strategies, designed to perform in any market, with as little as $20 USD. Second, there are no entry, exit, asset under management, rebalancing or any other fees you would expect from legacy players. Users pay a success fee based on performance and performance alone. Third, users can observe how their own coins trading performs in close to real time using the Wallet & Card App.

It’s a powerful tool designed with such simplicity, that it delivers on the promise of democratizing quant trading.”

Following a beta test with members of its community, Crypto Invest is now available to eligible users of’s Wallet & Card App (see notes below). Crypto Invest offers the following functionalities:

Crypto Invest Portfolios

Gain access to up to 30 cryptocurrencies by choosing one of three portfolios tailored to personal preferences:

  • Growth: higher growth, higher risk
  • Balanced: moderate growth, moderate risk
  • Conservative: reduced growth, minimal risk

Crypto Invest Trading Strategies

Trading strategies are not designed to trade on very short term due to market liquidity and capacity. They are designed to capture mid-long term market movement (days to weeks). Three types of strategies are being used to manage portfolios:

  • Automated Trading: Full spectrum of strategies which watch market sentiment and capture market movement.
  • Market Following: Equally invested in different digital assets which can represent the market, including Top Capital Digital Assets (e.g. BTC, ETH, LTC) but not limited to them.
  • Stable: Positions in stable coins for risk management/adjustment.

Additional Features of Crypto Invest

  • Easy to Start: Start buying cryptocurrency with an initial contribution of as low as $20 USD.
  • Painless to Leave: Exit anytime without penalty.
  • Fair Fees: No management, entry, or exit fees. Instead, earns its fees if the value of your portfolio has grown greater than its initial value.
  • MCO Utility: Allows customers to receive a 50 percent discount on all Crypto Invest fees if they stake MCO Tokens. Each portfolio may hold a portion of MCO Token.
Note: Due to regulatory requirements, Crypto Invest is not currently available in the United States of America, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
This announcement does not constitute the provision of investment advice and is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase interests in any investment fund or product, please seek qualified investment advice as needed.

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