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You’ve got to back your team! #BlockchainBeef

Free to enter #Giveaway!

One year ago, in response to constant questions from friends and family about blockchain and cryptocoins, we started publishing a series of blockchain guides and ICO analysis. Since then, we have grown to be a trusted and unbiased provider of crypto-related news, guides, and reviews.

We want to have some fun celebrating this milestone. We also want to encourage people to get behind the projects that make this industry so great. As with any community family, we don’t always get along and sometimes this can lead to ‘Beef‘.

So we’ve decided to set up a simple competition. We’re pitting projects with ‘Beef’ (real or imagined) against each other to see who comes out ahead!  Support your teams by backing a winner each week. If your chosen team comes out ahead (by the number of votes) at the end of the week, you could be randomly selected to win 0.1ETH (~$50AUD)

#BlockchainBeef Requirements to WIN!

  1. Follow @CryptocoinBen on Twitter.
  2. Tweet (or Retweet) and include the #BlockchainBeef hashtag.
  3. Pick and tag your team! Week 2 teams are #ETH or #NEO.
  4. A winner will be announced (and paid!) every Monday.

Week 2: August 13th to 19th

The battle of the Smart platforms. Both proclaim to be the next generation of blockchain technologies offering a programmable interface (smart contract). Ethereum has definitely grown to be the largest ecosystem, with thousands of tokens launching on their platform. However, NEO is gaining ground, with the allure of the Chinese market behind them.

Tweet with @CryptocoinBen, #BlockchainBeef and either #ETH or #NEO to win!

#BlockchainBeef Rules

Competition opens 13 August 2018 and closes 19 August 2018 (all times in GMT). It is free to enter (we will never ask you to send payment)!

The project #hashtag that receives the highest number of tweets will be declared the winner, and one entrant will win 0.1ETH (~$50AUD at 1 August 2018)

Please remember that this is just meant to be a bit of fun. Not all Beef is real. Even if it is, healthy competition is a great way to prevent projects from stagnating. Do not create your own Beef. Do not spam this competition. Do not entice hatred or conduct trolling activities! Every single one of these projects was selected because of the good work they each are doing.

#BlockchainBeef Selection Method

We have witnessed this style of giveaway be manipulated by a few bad actors and will do everything to ensure it is fair to all participants following the spirit of the competition. Twitter Advanced Search, IFTTT, and other tools may be used to randomly pick the winner before manual verification checks are conducted afterward to ensure the validity of the winning entry.

The competition will use all tools available to identify and disqualify accounts identified as malicious, fraudulent or predominately involved in bot or bounty activities… The intention is for the prize to go to an active member who contributes to the Twitter crypto community.

  • @CryptocoinBen is being followed.
  • #BlockchainBeef is included in the retweet
  • Exclude RTs from specific apps (known bot platforms).
  • Exclude accounts used predominately in bot or bounty activities.
  • The Twitter account must have at least 20 followers and 20 tweets prior to the commencement of this competition.
  • Due to Twitters quality filtering, it cannot be guaranteed that every tweet will be included in the draw.

I will retain full discretion to disqualify any winner should any malicious or fraudulent activity be detected. In the case of a disqualification, a new draw will occur until a valid winner is selected.

About The Author

Cryptocoin Investor and Blockchain Enthusiast

Ben is a cryptocoin enthusiast who began by investing and mining Litecoin in 2013. Since that time, he has evaluated hundreds of alternate coins and tokens in a never ending search for the next big thing to grow his portfolio. He has been involved with ICOs, providing guidance and assistance. He is a firm believer in searching for fundamental value and actual utility in cryptocoins. Ben sees blockchain (or a public ledger system) becoming more prevalent in society moving forward, where it will have real utility use beyond that of an electronic cash system.

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