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DeepOnion DeepSend Is Finally Ready!

DeepOnion DeepSend Is Finally Ready!

03 December 2019 : San Francisco, USA - DeepSend is a new approach to achieve blockchain privacy by DeepOnion, which will offer payments without a trace of evidence between the buyer and the seller.

The DeepOnion team of developers put in a substantial amount of work to prepare their flagship privacy feature DeepSend, which operates without encryption, without cryptography, and no mixing pools are involved.

Instead, a 2-of-3 multi-sig address will be used to perform the untraceable transaction. Nothing was rushed as the developers enjoyed coding and testing DeepSend to make sure everything is functional, just like all the other releases in the past two years.

How DeepSend works?

How DeepSend Works

All of the DeepOnion wallet communications are sent through the anonymous Tor network to protect the identity of the users.

The DeepOnion wallet never leaked a single IP address since it was released. When a user sends a DeepSend payment, the wallet will randomly select two DeepSend nodes hidden behind the Tor network to automatically perform the transaction without human intervention.

Each node will make a security deposit as an insurance before the payment is sent. When the payment is successful, the security deposit will be released back to the participating nodes.

The details of the payment are not recorded and all traces are erased from the memory once the wallet is closed or a new DeepSend payment is initiated.

DeepSend is built on a hybrid platform that uses Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake simultaneously to secure the network.

The x13 algorithms used to secure the network did not affect the instant speed of DeepSend transactions and the process does not require any extra computational resources.

DeepSend represents one more layer of protection added to the DeepOnion wallet and more layers are planned to increase the level of privacy even more.

There are also other applications and platforms developed by the DeepOnion team such as DeepVault and VoteCentral and their developers are continuously evolving and expanding their ecosystem.

About DeepOnion ($ONION)

You can visit to learn more.

The DeepOnion official open source source code can be located on Github

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