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ICO Analysis: (BCIO), a Gateway to the Internet of Value aspires to become the leading cryptocurrency exchange in Europe by 2020. brings to the table a unique crypto exchange model. ‘A centralized exchange with decentralized settlement’ aims to capture the best of both worlds through offering a low latency, centralized exchange order-book system, with the ability to opt for decentralized settlement. More specifically, this will utilize cross-chain settlement methods such as atomic swaps which are cryptographic protocols that allow users to settle their transactions across a variety of blockchain networks without a trusted third-party thus eliminating counterparty risk. is shooting for european leadership with claims of attaining the highest security, reliability, and accountability standards. Very much in grasp as Paymium has a strong team and has been operating hack free since 2013.
Team, Advisors, Partners and Investors
Roadmap and Distribution
Value and Transparency (Tokenomics)
Social Awareness
  • Team comes from an existing fiat to crypto exchange, Paymium, that has been hack free since 2013. Fully regulated exchange and auditing compliance
  • Powerful trade matching engine (ability to process up to 2 million orders per day). Also offering diverse services such as token liquidity, ICO platform, peer-to-peer lending, and more.
  • Advanced on-chain and off-chain “fair exchange” cryptographic protocols (atomic swaps and payment channels)
  • Long roadmap (all features only available in 2020) in a competitive market
  • Europe’s cryptocurrency market is relatively small.
  • Limited information on private sale pricing.
4.1Overall Score

Bitcoin introduces a platform on which you can run currency as an application, on a network without any central points of control. This is not money for the internet, but the internet of money”.  

— Andreas Antonopoulos

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Blockchain (BCIO) ICO Fast Facts

ICO Crowdsale Whitelist: 14 May to 16 September 2018
ICO Public Crowdsale Dates: 17 September to 30 September 2018
Maximum Discount: Seed/Private sale price unknown. (To be released soon by the team) Public sale price: (0.7 EUR = 1.0 BCIO)
Platform: Ethereum
Amount Raised (Valuation): Total token supply: 200 million BCIO – Hard cap: €60 million  – Tokens on sale: 120 million tokens (60% of all tokens)
Pitchdeck: (BCIO) Utility

The BCIO tokens are utility tokens used within the exchange with the 4 main use cases being:

  • Fee Payments
    Users are granted the option to pay fees for trading, borrowing, transfers, listings, ICOs, and more with BCIO Tokens or in other approved cryptocurrencies. As a result, all the necessary service or transaction fees paid in BCIO tokens or cryptocurrencies will be automatically deducted from their wallets. All trades are subject to a trading fee except BCIO token “long” trades.
  • Discounted Trading
    Any platform fees that are paid in BCIO tokens are subject to discounts. With an established discount token tier system, certain discounts will be in place according to the total amount of BCIO tokens the trader holds. Percentages for each tier will be decided after the token sale following a survey with the BCIO token holders; though a sample of the framework will be released soon by the team.
  • Polls & Survey Participation Rights
    BCIO token holders will be granted participation rights such as the aforementioned survey to establish a vibrant and trustworthy community. Regular polls and surveys will be held for the platform such as features of new token listings, technological and functional features, buyback programs, token burns, and more. Voting weights will be valued based on its proportional number of tokens held in the users wallet.
  • Loyalty & Rewards
    BCIO tokens will be used to incentivize loyalty through platform usage and also reward external developers for their contributions. Existing users on and early adopters also benefit; as these users will have privileged access to ICO’s organized by, airdrops for new listings, to competitions with prizes and other complimentary platform services.

To summarize its features, the BCIO Token has several utilities on the platform and takes a rather inclusive stance on its token holders. This is seen through its incentivised loyalty programmes and survey rights which gives the token more than just a discount on services. (BCIO) Team, Advisors, Partners, and Investors

  • Pierre Noizat Founder & CEO – Pierre is the CEO of Paymium, one of the oldest and first Bitcoin Exchanges. With experience in Cryptography, he’s a recognized expert in the Cryptocurrency industry. He’s written several books and articles, and engaged in major conferences (ie. Bitcoin Conference, PayForum).
  • Dominique Rodrigues CTO – Research Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the French Atomic Energy Commission. Founded 2 startups, an expert in Cloud Computing with 2 patents in Distributed Cloud Computing and in Security. Holds a PhD in numerical simulation & high performance parallel computing.
  • Pierre Tavernier CMO – A strategic planner with entrepreneurial experience in the financial sector. Pierre has worked in 7 countries over the past 10 years with a Masters in Management in Corporate Finance and Financial Markets.
  • Laetitia Zito CFO – With more than 10 years experience in Financial Management and Control, she’s worked in Canada, the US, and France; and is an expert in International Business Management.

Based on an assessment of the team, it’s clear that each individual has relevant experience and technical knowledge within their respective fields.

Below is a list of some of their main advisors which displays the calibre of support behind

  • Jean-Pascal Beaufret – Jean has fulfilled various official roles and was the former General Manager of the Tax Administration. Former Executive at French Ministry of Finance (1977-1999). CFO of Alcatel and Alcatel-Lucent, telecom equipment maker (1999-2007) and CFO of NBN Co. Currently he’s the Advisor for Goldman Sachs in France.
  • François Véron – Founder & Managing Partner of NewFund
  • Guillaume Arnaud – Managing Director of Tikehau Investment Management
  • Xavier Faure – Partner at Spring Invest
  • Cyril Moutran – Co-founder & CEO of Friendly & Co-founder of Feedly
  • Julian Kaljuvee – Director at Founders Capital Ltd & Quantitative Analyst at HSBC Global Banking & Markets
  • Muriel Goldberg-Darmon – Partner (Corporate Finance, Regulatory Compliance) at Cohen & Gresser LLP

BCIO clearly have significant backings from partners and advisors from multiple venture funds, a global strategy and communication consultancy firm, and an international law firm.

Paymium’s operations for over 7 years displays more than just a mere level of competence and represents a deeper knowledge of the industry. appears to be a logical extension beyond their current operations, and it looks as if they have the right people in place to make things happen. (BCIO) Roadmap

When comparing the updated pitchdeck to their whitepaper, BCIO has slightly delayed the deployment of their exchange, which was scheduled for late Q3 2018, and has since been pushed back to Q4 2018.

This is nothing concerning since the team has released their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to early investors, and are currently holding their private sale rounds for whitelisted members (Started 14 May 2018). Their Public Crowdsale will begin 17 September 2018. (BCIO) Transparency, Value, and Distribution (Tokenomics)


The Public Sale will value 1 BCIO Token at 0.7 EUR. is currently looking to raise 60 Million Euros ($70.5 Million) as their hardcap. This is a rather large sum but due to the scale at which Paymium intends to grow a large majority of the raise will be dedicated to marketing efforts and onboarding new users to their exchange.

Transparency has been open and forward in communicating their efforts throughout several online communication channels such as on Telegram, BitcoinTalk, Twitter, Medium, etc. They have several posts on Youtube with interviews and updates given by the CEO. There is also an active Telegram group with responsive admins, but one area of concern is in the limited information surrounding the Private Sale.


60% (120 Million) of the 200 Million BCIO tokens will be sold in the token sale.

The remaining 40% will be distributed as follows:

  • 16% for the Team
  • 15% for their Inventory
  • 5% for Airdrops & ecosystem Incentives. (right now there are airdrops and a bounty Programme at
  • 4% for the Advisors (BCIO) Social Awareness and Interest has secured a highly sought after domain name and has an edge in driving significant traffic to its site solely from its name and search engines.

Their Bitcointalk forum has been filled with waves of positive comments and posts. Its Telegram group has amassed over 41,000 users partially due to its ongoing BCIO Bounty programme. Their Reddit page is actively buzzing with new posts and comments over the excitement and updates with over 22,000 readers.

Their Facebook almost has 13,000 Likes and 33,000 Followers on Twitter. People are well aware of this ICO and the public sentiment on BCIO appears to be highly positive. (BCIO) Summary aims to tackle security breaches, non-compliance issues, operational opacity, and outages by offering the highest security, reliability, and accountability standards.

Based on community awareness, it has managed to yield significant exposure through effective marketing and branding activities. People are aware of its offerings and the sentiment appears positive towards its efforts in becoming the gateway to the ‘Internet of Value’.

Their application of cross-chain settlement protocols to the traditional centralized exchange approach is an intriguing factor to consider, since it takes an innovative and contrasting approach to what other exchanges offer today. Time will only tell whether this will be a success as all the exchanges features are projected to be available only by early 2020, which is still a while a to go.

Ultimately, is equipped with a high calibre team along with its advisors to execute the BCIO Initial Coin Offering. Token holders will benefit with discounted trading, fee settlement, survey participation rights, and loyalty & reward incentives within its ecosystem. This exchange comes as an extension to Paymiums existing platform which has a number of years of experience in the crypto industry with a careful approach to compliance and regulation. This is an interesting project many investors in the crypto-space should keep a lookout for as the space becomes more heavily regulated and secure.

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