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Need to transfer a NEO wallet to a different wallet application? Perhaps your current wallet doesn’t support a key feature you need or maybe you want to try out a different interface. It’s important to understand that your digital wallet doesn’t actually store currencies as there aren’t any digital representations of your cryptocoins to store. All that exists are transaction records on the blockchain.

A wallet is an application that interacts with the blockchain, allowing you to see your balance and spend your coins. In order for a wallet to do this, it requires your public and private keys. The wallet scans the blockchain for your public key and notes down all your transactions. It then uses those to calculate your current balance. Your private key is proof that you own this public key and allows you to spend your coins . Anyone can see your public key and see all your transactions. However, they cannot spend your coins without your private key.

This guide will walk you through how to export your private key from a popular online wallet ( and import it into a popular personal wallet (neon). While the exact steps will differ with other wallets, the process will be similar to transfer a NEO wallet.

It is critical that you always protect your private key, so please only do this on a trusted computer and ensure there are no details saved or left laying around. Never share your private key with anybody else!

Export from your old wallet

The following steps will walk you through how to transfer a neo wallet by exporting your old wallet first:

  1. Login to your wallet at
    How to transfer wallet ICO analysis cryptocoin
  2. Once logged in, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the little eye symbol. This will display your private key. Copy this string of characters
    How to transfer wallet ICO analysis cryptocoin

Import to your new wallet

The following steps will walk you through how to import into your new wallet:

  1. Open your new wallet and select the “Login Using a Private Key” option.
    How to transfer wallet ICO analysis cryptocoin
  2. When prompted, paste the private key in and click login
    How to transfer wallet ICO analysis cryptocoin
  3. The new wallet application will log you into your old wallet address.
    How to transfer wallet ICO analysis cryptocoin
  4. Verify the public address is the same as you had in the old application by clicking on the ‘Receive’ button. This public address should match your previous address.
    How to transfer wallet ICO analysis cryptocoin

Congratulations, you have just accessed your private NEO wallet information using another wallet application.

You may continue to use both wallets as you wish, but you will need to continually enter in the private key when you want to use the second wallet. If you would like to migrate entirely to the second wallet, you may want to create+extract the keystore from the old wallet and use that to import into the new wallet permanently.


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