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Ben Alexander


Ben is a cryptocoin enthusiast who began by investing and mining Litecoin in 2013. Since that time, he has evaluated hundreds of alternate coins and tokens in a never ending search for the next big thing to grow his portfolio. He has been involved with ICOs, providing guidance and assistance.

Ben is a firm believer in searching for fundamental value and actual utility in cryptocoins. He sees blockchain (or a public ledger system) becoming more prevalent in society and expanding its use beyond that of an electronic cash system.

Articles by Ben Alexander

Crypto Lending Primer

If you’re a long-term believer in the cryptocurrencies you hold, you may want to consider lending it out for a respectable rate. Cryptocurrencies, like fiat currencies, are similar in that a person can give their holdings to another with the promise... Continue Reading...

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

In the modern tech world, there are few things that drudge up more hype than “blockchain technology” and “artificial intelligence.” These fields have experienced massive amounts of growth and interest, which means that they’re both the targets of... Continue Reading...

The Deal With Crypto Debit Cards

Crypto debit cards have had something of a checkered past, especially with the declared insolvency of industry leader WireCard in the first half of 2020. WireCard’s CEO, Markus Braun, was arrested and suspected of engaging in market manipulation.... Continue Reading...

Bitcoin and Banking

The US Government has always had something of an adversarial relationship with Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general, due to its anonymity and its usurpation of fiat currency. That’s usually meant that topics like taxation, banking, and other... Continue Reading...

Bitcoin Core reaches 0.20.0

Bitcoin core 0.20.0 was released earlier this month, representing the twentieth iteration of Bitcoin’s original code base. This major release was spearheaded by Wladimir van der Laan, and there were over one hundred different contributors to the... Continue Reading...