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Ben Alexander


Ben is a cryptocoin enthusiast who began by investing and mining Litecoin in 2013. Since that time, he has evaluated hundreds of alternate coins and tokens in a never ending search for the next big thing to grow his portfolio. He has been involved with ICOs, providing guidance and assistance.

Ben is a firm believer in searching for fundamental value and actual utility in cryptocoins. He sees blockchain (or a public ledger system) becoming more prevalent in society and expanding its use beyond that of an electronic cash system.

Articles by Ben Alexander

Crypto credit cards comparison

The adoption of crypto in the real world is increasing, but we are still some time away from being able to to use crypto currencies to make every day purchases. However there are a number of projects that are pushing ahead to enable credit card... Continue Reading...

Tether (USDT) - Is it tethered?

The release of a letter by Deltc (the Bahama-based bank of Bitfenixs' tether) to alleviate investors concerns has failed to do so. In fact, it has raised more questions than answers. Tether (USDT), one of the original stable-coins, is designed to... Continue Reading...